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We are running out of time.

The latest 2019 pandemic showed how fragile the system is. It was a system stress that will recur in many forms and shapes. We were not ready. We lacked readiness to handle such global problems. We lacked, and still lack, the collective will and resources to implement global initiatives to prevent such pandemics, preserve and reverse damage to our Planet already done.

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Readiness should be happening from

We send our children to the schools to be better ready for Work and Life. Work and Life will face challenges in the coming years unlike anything in the past centuries.

Parents choose the best schools they can afford and not the cheapest schools to get better opportunities for their children. The current education system misses on Work and Life in the 21st Century. It is still generally focused on mass delivery rather than deep learning, on solving linear problems rather than exponential ones, on a job mindset rather than surfacing entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

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Time is up on education!

New thoughts emerge; including extended, outsourced, de-coupled, teaching communities, technology enabled learning and assessments.

New models emerge and are being tested; in particular:

Level-based learning vs grade-level

Granular individualized concepts prescriptions
vs generalized concepts

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Time is up on Planet!

We need to go back to being in sync with nature; the responsible use of resources and creative innovative models of Living. We need to move from the current: Make, Use, Waste linear consumption model, to a circular model of: Make, Use, Re-use or Re-purpose from the start of the design process.

Circularity is the way.

Nothing is new. It is just reviving old practices making use of modern technology; minimizing losses in the chain, extending the life of all components of the system.

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Let us Partner for Positive Change.

Khalil A. Massih

Partner4Change MENA Limited
General Manager