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Our services support the creation of our
models as well as support our partners in the
MENA region create and respond to Learning
and Planet models in their countries.

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Provides Feasibility Studies, Capacity Planning and
Custom-tailored Solutions to projects; solicited
and unsolicited.


Knowhow Transfer
Ensures that people in charge of models
are equipped with the needed knowledge and
capacity to effectively oversee and implement
the projects. It also ensures that the models are
properly run and serviced throughout their


We provide contractual SLA-based First and Second-level support to ensure the proper operation of the models. This includes rush-on-site support to address critical
issues having severe impact on model


Certification is an assurance of the models in Learning as well as Planet. It ensures compliance with
generally-accepted practices as well as exiting
Standards. Partner4Change provides its own certifications as well as certifications through acknowledged bodies.


Project Management and Implementation
Partner4Change provides a team of Project Managers as well as Implementation managers supporting the
stakeholders of the models as well as our
partners implementing their own projects.

Project Managers ensure implementations are
within the blueprints of the Models and
Frameworks. They also ensure compliance in the
MENA countries with the national code


Market Development Services
Partner4Change provides these services to
vetted Products, Technologies, Platforms,
Content or Certification providers in the areas of
Learning and planet.

These services include: building the sales
channel in the designated countries, delivering
sales training, event participation, consultancy, support, project management, implementation as well as Business and Technology engagements with Stakeholders in
the designated countries.